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Happy 2021!

Happy 2021!

With so many people making health improvements for 2021, have you considered your indoor air quality (IAQ) to be one of them? Contractors 1st Distribution recommends everyone investigate the true overall health of their residential or commercial space’s indoor air quality and find out just how healthy the air is. Airborne viruses, microbes, particulates, and allergens could all be in higher concentrations than you realize, and negatively impact your health and the health of others. Here is our guide on how to keep your indoor air clean and clear of contaminants for a healthier 2021:

Test the Air with an IAQ Meter

If you’ve never investigated how healthy your indoor air is, you will benefit from measuring your residential or commercial space’s air quality with an IAQ meter. These portable monitors measure airborne particulates  and can help quantify and identify many harmful contaminants. Foobot or Birdi IAQ monitors are great entry-level options for homeowners that check baseline IAQ information for under $200. For a professional-grade instrument, go with the Air Advice at just $2,490.

Take Action to Reduce Pollutants

The things you do in your home or business will impact overall indoor air quality. Track what the air quality monitor reports during the day to see if something you are doing increases air pollutants. Once you identify pollutant-generating activities or products, look for ways to minimize the pollutants produced or ways to immediately remove them from the air. For example, if cooking causes the particulates in your kitchen to skyrocket, then turn on the range hood while cooking. If your rangehood is a recirculating hood and not an exhaust hood, then open the window. Check the particulate levels when you vacuum. Most vacuums can’t filter out the smallest particulates and several types also leak around connections and spray fine, powdery dust into the air.

Your home or building may also benefit from air duct cleaning by a professional HVAC service. While the ducts are cleaned, ask that the clothes dryer vent also be cleaned. Lint from a plugged dryer vent will leak into the home adding to the dust load.

Replace the filter for your heating and air conditioning system as recommended by the manufacturer of the filters you are using. If the filters need to be replaced monthly, then make sure they are replaced that often. Also consider filters with deeper, 3 to 4-inch pleats that increase the filter surface area. These typically remove more dust and last up to six months.

If your air quality monitor measures Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), then you will see the VOCs increase when plug-in air fresheners release a mist of scent into the room. VOCs can cause several health concerns depending on what the chemicals are in the product. Diffusing air fresheners and scented candles also add VOCs and other pollutants into the air you are breathing. If your home or business has odors that you want to mask with scented products, then find the cause of the odor and eliminate that, rather than trying to cover it up. If there are many sources of odors, then the best solution will be an air purification system that removes odors.

Get a Whole-Home Air Purifier to Monitor and Eliminate Contaminants

Air purification systems are one of the most efficient methods in improving indoor air quality. With so many flooding the market due to the recent health crisis, it is challenging to find one that does what it claims. Contractors 1st Distributions recommends PuriFi, the only whole-home air purification solution that shows you how well it is working. PuriFi Air and Surface Purification Systems include a patented laser-sensor that continually monitors the particulates in the air and displays the results in real-time. The PuriFi air purification technology does more than remove airborne dust, it cleans indoor air of tested pathogens, odors, smoke, mold, ozone and harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it effectively neutralizes up to 99.9% of tested airborne viruses and microbials, including the tested coronavirus.

PuriFi uses technology that works with your home or building’s existing forced air heating and air conditioning system. It’s designed for any residential or commercial application, and provides real-time indoor air quality reports that you can view on any smart device. Contact us today to get started with life-changing whole-home air purification today, with Contractors 1st Distributions and PuriFi! Have a happy and healthy 2021!

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