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Searching For A Home Air Purifier Amid The Pandemic?

Searching For A Home Air Purifier Amid The Pandemic?

If you’re searching for a home air purifier amid the pandemic, then look no further than Contractors 1st Distribution and PuriFi, a revolutionary whole-home air purification system that works directly with your home’s pre-existing home air conditioning and heating system. PuriFi has been proven by independent, third-party testing to neutralize up to 99.9% of tested viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors, and other microbes. But don’t just take our word for it – we’re excited to share some exciting data with you:

Surrogate Aerosol Test

According to the CDC, airborne aerosols and particles under 5 microns are the most harmful to human health. They can contain viruses and bacteria, and remain airborne in the breathing zone for up to 41 hours or more. PuriFi’s manufacturer, PuriFi Labs, sought out scientific third-party testing to determine just how efficient its whole-home air purification system was at reducing these types of airborne particles. For the test, a surrogate virus was introduced into a room enhanced with the PuriFi system. The data proves that PuriFi reduced 99.82% of the airborne virus within just 33 minutes of operating (see Fig. 1 – Test #1). Similarly, a second test was performed by allowing the PuriFi system to run for 10 minutes, then introducing the aerosol virus into the room. The result? A remarkable 99.994% reduction in just 10 short minutes (see Fig. 1 – Test #1). Want to learn more? Click here to view the full test report on PuriFi’s effect on surrogate aerosols:

Surrogate Surface Test

While airborne contaminants may be of relevant concern, some may believe surface microbes to be more worrisome. Many businesses are following suit to alleviate public health concerns by providing hand sanitizing stations and touchless payment and delivery options, but could an air purification system really help with surface microbes? The manufacturers of the PuriFi system pursued scientific third-party testing to determine how efficiently it could reduce a surface virus. For the test, the PuriFi system ran for a 30-minute period near a stainless steel surface with trace amounts of a surrogate virus. The result? PuriFi had successfully reduced 85.2% of the tested virus on stainless steel (non-porous) surface in just 30 minutes. Want to learn more? Click here to view the full test report on PuriFi’s effect on surrogate surface viruses.

Surface Test for Other Microbials

PuriFi’s manufacturers took their investigation a step further to illustrate just how effective the system was against surface microbial. Much like the previous test, bacterial pathogens and a surrogate virus were added to non-porous surfaces and exposed to the PuriFi system for 1- to 24-hour periods. Results showed that the system had eliminated between 97 – 99.998% of the bacterial and viral contaminants from a non-porous surface. Want to learn more? Click here to view the full test report on PuriFi’s effect on surrogate viruses and surface bacteria.

At Contractor’s 1st Distribution, we’re proud to offer the PuriFi whole-home air purification solution to our clients. We strive to deliver products that have been proven to perform and are confident that PuriFi will fit any residential or commercial application aiming to provide cleaner, healthier indoor air, and surfaces. Contact Contractors 1st Distribution and start breathing easier with PuriFi today!



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