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Ozone (O3)

Ozone (O3)

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive gas that can be found both naturally and artificially within our Earth’s atmosphere. Our ozone layer, a naturally high concentration found in the Earth’s stratosphere, provides a protective shield from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Man-made ozone, on the other hand, is a much more harmful form on the ground-level that occurs from airborne chemicals and pollutants. Ozone can also accumulate in indoor spaces at unhealthy levels via common appliances such as copiers, printers, UV lights, and electrostatic air purification systems. Why does this matter? Prolonged exposure to unhealthy levels of indoor ozone can lead to serious health problems, including pulmonary edema, hemorrhage, inflammation, and reduction of lung function.

So how can you protect yourself and your loved ones from an invisible, odorless culprit like indoor ozone? The answer depends on where you live. Homes or commercial spaces in more urban areas with higher levels of pollution will benefit from keeping windows closed, especially on warm sunny days with little to no wind, to keep ozone from getting inside. On the other hand, if your primary concern is an ozone-producing household device, such as a facial steamer or laser printer, you may want to keep those windows open to dilute any potential airborne residue. Keeping people out of the room at least 30 minutes after the device has been used is also a good rule of thumb, or if you can find an alternative to the device, removing it from use completely is always the best viable option.

But what if you’re unsure about keeping those windows open or closed? PuriFi, the latest whole-home air purification system from PuriFi Labs, safeguards your residential or commercial space from the hazards of indoor ozone and neutralizes up to 99.9% of tested viruses, microbes, allergens, odors, and other particulates using your home’s pre-existing air conditioning and heating system. PuriFi’s patented ozone catalyst works to convert residual indoor ozone into oxygen with a specialized “ozone depletion-mode”, keeping your space clean and clear of airborne contaminants. PuriFi also monitors your indoor air quality 24/7 using laser sensor technology and provides detailed air quality reports in real-time to any smart device. With PuriFi, you’ll always be in-the-know with your indoor air quality cleanliness, and combat indoor ozone with cutting-edge purification technology.

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