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Improving The Indoor Air Quality At Your Place Of Business

Improving The Indoor Air Quality At Your Place Of Business

Hand sanitizing stations, contactless service, face masks – the pandemic has introduced a slew of public health measures to keep businesses open safely over the last year. But have you considered improving the indoor air quality at your place of business? According to the EPA, the level of air pollutants in public places “maybe two to five times – and occasionally more than 100 times – higher than outdoor levels. These levels of indoor air pollutants are of particular concern because most people spend about 90 percent of their time indoors” ( To counter this, you may have noticed more and more businesses adopting air purification systems to keep their doors open and provide peace of mind to their customers. But which one is best for your business? Contractors 1st Distributions is here to help!

Considering The Details

First, it’s important to identify what capabilities your system should have. You want the air to be clean, but what about surface germs? How will you monitor indoor air quality regularly? These are critical capabilities to consider when shopping around for an air purification system that best fits your business’s needs. Second, it’s crucial to note the size of the commercial space you intend on protecting. Chances are, it’s larger than a standard apartment or dorm room, so a single-room air purifier may be less efficient than you think. Third, you should consider how often the system will be running. Running a standard air purifier round the clock could incur costly energy bills each month if you’re open during normal business hours, or more depending on your hours of operation. With these details in mind, Contractors 1st Distribution has the premium solution you need!

PuriFi Has Unparalleled Capabilities

Introducing PuriFi from PuriFi Labs, the most sophisticated in-duct air purification system available on the market today! PuriFi is a whole-building air and surface purification technology that works directly with the central HVAC system. PuriFi technology works at the source of the problem by flooding your entire commercial space with powerful, long-life ions. They remove airborne aerosols and particles that would normally remain suspended in the breathing zone for hours while simultaneously cleansing walls and surfaces of harmful contamination. PuriFi’s patented technology is proven to neutralize up to 99.9% of tested airborne and surface viruses, ozone, allergens, dust, odors, harmful VOCs, and other contaminants. It’s also the only system that monitors air quality in real-time and allows you to manage your business’s indoor air quality from any smart device.

PuriFi Works On Your Entire Commercial Space

The PuriFi generator is professionally installed directly into your commercial space’s pre-existing air conditioning and heating system, and operates continuously during normal heating, cooling, and ventilation cycles, or if sensors detect a change in air quality. It runs using only your HVAC fan, without the expense of heating or cooling functions. PuriFi technology also works at the source of the problem, flooding your entire air-conditioned commercial space with powerful long-life ions, removing airborne aerosols and particles that would normally remain suspended in the breathing zone for hours. This patented purification process also cleanses walls and surfaces of harmful contamination in your entire air-conditioned commercial space. It’s important to note that standard ventilation and filtration, even UV lights and portable air purifiers, have little benefit in controlling this type of in-room contamination in commercial spaces.

PuriFi Runs On Efficiency

PuriFi is the only system that monitors and manages air quality changes in real-time while proving the results. Sophisticated in-room particle sensors continuously monitor air quality 24/7, and activate the PuriFi generator only when your commercial space’s air quality falls below the appropriate threshold. It also runs using only your HVAC fan, without the expense of heating or cooling functions. To business owners during potentially trying financial times, the fact that PuriFi could contribute to energy savings is a big plus in our book.

PuriFi: The Right Choice For Commercial In-Duct Air Purification

All in all, our team at Contractors 1st Distribution was truly impressed with how PuriFi was capable of effectively purifying the air and surfaces in such large commercial spaces, and utilizes a smart monitoring system that favored potential energy savings during use. We strongly recommend PuriFi to any commercial space or business owner as our premium choice in commercial air purification. Contact Contractors 1st Distribution today to get started with PuriFi!

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